Platform dedicated to Innovation identification and evaluation discussion RDEC @ INNOVATION

Inaugural Message

I am thrilled to be a part of the RDEC Innovation Initiative (RDECII) aimed at taking RDEC to a Nationally ranked Engineering, Business, IT, and Data Science academic institution in teaching, research, and daily functions and operations.

An integral part of the RDECII is the identification, prototyping, evaluation, and commercialization initiative. A visible part of this initiative is the RDEC Science, Technology, Engineering, and Data Management Innovation Centre (STEADMIC). This Centre will include an innovation prototype display area and a laboratory where students, staff, and faculty will have the facilities and infrastructure to design, prototype and test their imagined or conjectured innovations. 

This platform will allow, promote, facilitate, and fine tune RDEC Innovations for prototyping and further development and evaluation. The primary features of the Platform include the following


It will be accessible only to RDEC students, staff, and faculty and personnel approved by RDEC President.


Problems will be posted with background information


Solutions will be posted with background information. These solutions may have innovative content.


Observations/comments/suggestions/discussion related to posted problems and solutions will be posted


Evaluation/review of the most promising innovative solutions will be posted for further scrutiny


Rewards/Prizes/Scholarships and President’s recognition to selected RDEC@Innovation participants will be posted to promote the use of this Platform as a tool for implementing and maintaining a ‘culture’ of innovation at RDEC.

I welcome you to this unique, innovative, and mind arousing opportunity.

Dr. Kumar Krishen

Exceptional Service Medal Recipient @ NASA
Innovation includes any technology, discovery, improvement, or invention that was realized through experiments, professional practice, or theoretical analysis
U.S. Law defines invention as : “[A]ny new and useful process, machine, manufacture, or composition of matter, or any new and useful improvement thereof.” U.S. Supreme Court: “Anything under the sun made by man [human]”
Innovations & Inventions must possess unique/new features & benefits/advantages for such classification